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The Chinese Heart: Chinese Medicine and Stress Management

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Depressed?Want to 10se weight?Sufferfrom insomnia?Annoyed by frequent ailments?Desire improved sexual ability?You can find helpful solutions to these problems in The Chinese Heart:Chinese Medicine and Stress Management,a beautifully illustrated book that introduces the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).The author presents TCM theory in the most reader-friendly way“to give maximum access to any readeg assuming no previous knowledge of Chinese what-ever.”Chinese ideograms and their interesting etymology are illustrated in the book. Believing with"l-horeau that“anything living is easily and naturally expressed in popular language,”the author communicates scholarship with crisp narrative and sometimes playful spirit.

The Editor’s Comments
Part One Basic Knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine
 Chapter1 The Harmonious Landscape
 Chapter2 Yin and Yang
 Chapter3 The Three T.reasures
 Chapter4 Blood and Body Fluids
Part Two The Chinese Heart
 Chapter 5 The Root of Life
 Chapter6 The Sun
 Chapter7 The Emperor
Part Three East Meets West
 Chapter8 The Human Brain
 Chapter9 The Energy Field
 Chapter10 Holistic Medicine and Mount Sinai
Part Four Practical Methods of Stress Management
 Chapter11 Sleeping Gong
 Chapter12 Rej uvenating Gong
 Chapter13 Dragon Dance Gong
 Chapter14 Tai Chi Chuan and Meditation
Traditional and Simplified Chinese Characters

  • Paperback:175 pages
  • Publisher: Foreign Language Press (January 1, 2009)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 195mm×271mm