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Structure of the Five Movements

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Part One The Theory

Chapter 1 The Great ONE, Yin-yang, and The Five Movements
Sec.1 The Great ONE, Yin-yang
Sec.2 The Five Movements
Chapter 2 Stems and Roots
Sec.1 Ten Stems
Sec.2 Twelve Life-stages
Sec.3 The Twelve Roots

Sec.4 Relationship Between Stem and Root

Sec.5 The Six Couplings and Confrontations Among the Roots
Sec.6 Trio-set and Trio-federacy SetSec.7 Transient Co-op and Entangle
Sec.8 Transient Co-op and Right Angle (Rupt)

Chapter 3 Time-set
Sec.1 Structure of Time-set
Sec.2 What You Need to Know About Time-sets
Chapter 4 Space-set
Sec.1 Structure of Space
Sec.2 Vocabulary for Space-sets

Chapter 5 The Ten Relations and the Six Relatives
 I. Definition of the Ten Relations and the Six Relatives (RR)
 II. The Pro and Con Among the Ten Relations
 III. Understanding the Ten Relations
 IV. Reading Family and Interpersonal Relations Using
 the Ten Relations and Six Relatives (RR)
 V. Images of the Ten Relations and the Six Relatives
 VI. Houses of the Ten Relations and the Six Relatives (RR)
 VII. Beget (pro) and Divide
 VIII. The Dislocation of the Ten Relations and the Six Relatives (RR)
Chapter 6 Methods of Ancient Lunisolar Calendar Calculation
Sec.1 Time Set Formation
Sec.2 The Formation of Time Set Episode and Running Year
Sec.3 Relationships between Time-set, Episode and Running Year

Chapter 7 Cycle of Hex-decades and Void.
Chapter 8 How to Analyze Names
 I. The Architecture to Analyze Names
 II. An Example to Analyze a Person’s Name
 III. Analyze the Names in a Group
Chapter 9 Time-set Interpretation Technique of TFM
 I. Enlightening Method of TFM
 II. The Consultation Features of the TFM Technique
¬†III. TFM Time-set Interpretation Technique‚ÄĒOrchid Technique
 IV. Character
 V. Studying
 VI. Love and Marriage
 VII. Jobs
 VIII. Health
 IX. Disputation
 X. Personnel
 XI. Investment
 XII. Hobbies
Part Two Questions and Answers
Questions and Answers
TFM Pithy Formal

About the Author:

Wen Chenzhi, pen-name as Bai Rong Bai Shun, was born in the northwest frontier of China.
He loved Chinese traditional culture since childhood and later graduated from College of Liberal ArtsÔľĆShanghai University.
By the age of 38, he gained insights into the profundity of the Five Movements and decided to give lectures to the public two years after.

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