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Health Qigong--Dawu Exercises (with DVD)

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Health Qigong-Dawu Exercises is one of the new health qigong breath and exercise regimens organized and compiled by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. This new exercise is based upon “Da Wu” which was recorded in ancient documents, with stress laid on flexing movements and rotation of joints throughout the body. Da Wu is a set of joint-relaxing dance exercises that has graceful movements and is easy to learn; it is suitable for people of varied abilities. Qigong helps prevent illnesses, improve health and prolong life.

Chapter Ⅰ Origins
Chapter Ⅱ Characteristics
Chapter Ⅲ Essential Points
Chapter Ⅳ Movements
Section Ⅰ Names of the Movements
Section Ⅱ Movements, Tips and Health Benefits

Initial Stance
Step 1 Hold Head High and Chin Up (Ang Shou Shi)
Step 2 Open Hips (Kai Kua Shi)
Step 3 Extend Waist (Chen Yao Shi)
Step 4 Shake Body (Zhen.Ti Shi)
Step 5 Rub Backbone (Rou JiShi)
Step 6 Swing Hips (Bai Tun Shi)
Step 7 Massage Ribs (Mo Lei Shi)
Step 8 Flying Stance (Fei Shen Shi)
Ending Stance
Appendix: Acupuncture Points

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