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Guide on the Practice of Acupuncture,Moxibustion and Tuina

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*一部分 中医基础理论
Part One Basic Theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine
*一章 中医学哲学基础
Chapter One Philosophical Foundation of traditional Chinese Medicine
*一节 阴阳学说
Section One The Theory of Yin and Yang
*二节 五行学说
Sect ion了wo The Theory of Five Elements
*三节 中医学理论体系的主要特点
Section了hree Characteristics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Theoretical System
*二章 藏象
Chapter Two Visceral Manifestations
*一节 五脏
Section One Five Zang organs
*二节 六腑
Section Two Six Fu-organs
*三节 奇恒之腑
Section Three Extraordinary Organs
**节 脏与脏的关系
Section Four The Relationship Between Zang organs and Zang-organs
*五节 脏与腑的关系
Section Five 7he Relationship Between Zang organs and Fu-organs
*三章 气血津液
Chapter Three Qi,Blood,Fluids and Liquids
*一节 气
Section Three Qi
*二节 血
Sect ion Two Blood
*三节 津液
Section ree Fluids and Liquids
**节 气、血、津液之间的关系
Section Four The Relationship Among Qi,Blood,Fluids and Liquids
**章 经络
Chapter Four Meridians and Collaterals
*一节 经络学说概况
Sect ion One 7he 7heory of Meridians and Collaterals
*二节 十二经脉
Sect ion了wo Twelve Regular Meridians
*三节 奇经八脉
Sect ion了h ree Eight Extra Meridians
**节 **组成部分
Section Four Other Components
*五章 病因病机
Chapter Five Etiology and Pathogenesis
*一节 病因
Sect ion One Etiology
*二节 病机
Section Two Pathogenesis
*六章 防治原则
Chapter Six Principles for Prevention and Treatment
*一节 预防原则
Sect ion One Principles for Prevention
*二节 治疗原则
Sect ion丁W0 Principles for Treatment
*二部分 推 拿
Part two Tuina
*七章 推拿常用手法
Chapter Seven Commonly-used 7uina Manipulations
*一节 一指禅推法
Section One Qi-concentrated Single-finger Pushing Manipulation
*二节 挾法
Section了wo Rolling Manipulation
*三节 揉法
Section Three Kneading Manipulation
**节 摩法
Section Four Rubbing Manipulation
*五节 推法
Section Five Pushing Manipulation
*六节 擦法
Section Six Scraping(Embrocation)Manipulation
*七节 搓法
Section Seven Foulage Manipulation
*八节 抹法
Section Eight 7humb-.rubbing Manipulation
*九节 按法
Section Nine Pressing Manipulation
*十节 点法
Section了en Pointing Manipulation
*十一节 捏法
Section Eleven Pinching Manipulation
*十二节 拿法
Section Twelve Grasping Manipulation
*十三节 捻法
Section Thirteen Holding-twisting Manipulation
*十*节 抖法
Section Fourteen Shaking Manipulation
*十五节 振法
Section Fifteen Vibrating Manipulation
*十六节 拍法
Section Sixteen Patting Manipulation
*十七节 击法
Section Seventeen Hitting Manipulation
*十八节 弹法
Section Eighteen Flicking Manipulation
*十九节 摇法
Section Nineteen Rotating Manipulation
*二十节 背法
Section了wenty Back-packing Manipulation
*二十一节 扳法
Section了 Pulling Manipulation
*二十二节 拔伸法
Section Twenty.two Tracting-countertracting Manipulation
*二十三节 小儿推拿常用手法
Section了wenty.three Commonly.used Infantile Tuina Manipulations
*八章 成人常见疾病的推拿治疗
Chapter Eight Tuina Treatment for Common Diseases in Adults
*一节 颈椎病
Sect ion One Cervical Spondylosis
*二节 肩关节周围炎
Sect ion了wo Scapulohumeral Periarthritis
*三节 腰椎间盘突出症
Section Three Lumbar Disc Herniation
**节 头痛
Section Four Headache
*五节 失眠
Section Five Insomnia
*六节 中风后遗症
Section Six Stroke Sequel
*九章 小儿常见病的推拿治疗
chapTer Nine Tina Treatment for Common Diseases in Children
*一节 腹泻
Sect ion One Diarrhea
*二节 疳积
Section Two Malnutrition
*三节 便秘
Section了hree Constipation
**节 发热
Section Four Fever
*五节 遗尿
Section Five Enuresis
*六节 夜啼
Section Six Night Crying
*三部分 针灸和**
Part 7hree Acupuncture and Moxibustion and the Other
*十章 针刺技术
Chapter Ten Acupuncture
*一节 概述
Section 0ne General IntroduCtion
*二节 技术*作Section two Operation Techniques
*十一章 灸*技*
Chapter Eleven Moxibustion
*一节 概述
Section 0Re General IntroduCtion
*二节 技术Section Two Operation Techniques
*十二章 刮痧技术
Chapter Twelve Skin Scraping
*一节 概述
Section 0Re General Introduction
*二节 技术*作<*r>Section Two Operation Techniques
*十三章 拔罐技术
Chapter Thirteen Cupping
*一节 概述
Section General Introduction
*二节 Section Two Operation Techniques


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