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Folk Toys - Ori Wisdom
Folk Toys - Ori Wisdom
Folk Toys - Ori Wisdom

Folk Toys

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Chinese folk toys have a long history. Folk toys were rooted in folk customs, and then spread, developed and evolved among the masses. Full of rural flavor, these toys made by folk artisans contain profound cultural significance. This book introduces Chinese folk toys, including their history and classification, along the main threads of seasons, customs and festivals. With over 200 photographs of folk toys from different areas of China, this book will vividly introduce readers to traditional Chinese toys including their significant cultural connotations.

Big Afu
Spring Ox
Cat Guarding Silkworms
Clay Whistles of Junxian County
Facial Makeup on Small Ladles
Beijing Opera Masks
Tiger-shaped Cloth Fragrant Sachets Filled
with Moxa and Spice
Fragrant Sachet
"Five Poisons"
Clay Mold
Engraved Calabash
Jingling Bamboo Basket
Braided Grass Creatures
Huangping's Clay Whistle
Tijiang Dough Figurines
Mr. Rabbit
Eight Immortals
Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei
Chinese Papier-mch
Clay Toys from Fengxiang
Flour Dough Sculpture
Ceramic Whistles of Iianshui, Yunnan
Clay Figures of Huishan, Wuxi
Zhang Clay Figurine Master of Tianjin

  • Paperback:130 pages
  • Publisher: Foreign Language Press (January 1, 2008)
  • Language: English
  • Product Dimensions: 195mm×271mm