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Health Qigong — 12-Routine Exercises Shi Er Duan Jin with DVD

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Health Qigong — 12-Routine Exercises is a new exercise regimen developed by the Chinese Health Qigong Association. This new compilation of movements synthesizes the essence of different schools of the or......

Chapter I Origins and Development
Chapter II Characteristics
Chapter III Practice Tips
Section I Hand and Body Form
Section II Breathing and Mind
Section III Basic Postures
Chapter IV Descriptions of the Routines
Section I Movements
Section II Movements Illustrated, Points for Attention, Functions and Effects
Ready Position
Routine 1 Calming Heart and Positioning Hands(Ming Xin Wo Gu)
Routine 2 Tapping Teeth and Sounding Drums(Kou Chi Ming Gu)
Routine 3 Shaking the Heavenly Column(Wei Han Tian Zhu)
Routine 4 Hugging Kunlun(Zhang Bao Kun Lun)
Routine 5 Rotating Winches(Yao Zhuan Lu Lu)
Routine 6 Propping up the Sky and Pressing the Skull(Tuo Tian An Ding)
Routine 7 Bending to Touch the Feet(Fu Shen Pan Zu)
Routine 8 Massaging Jingmen on the Back(Bei Mo Jing Men)
Routine 9 Caressing the Belly and Abdomen(Qian Fu Wan Fu)
Routine 10 Burning Navel Ring(Wen Xu Qi Lun)
Routine 11 Rotating the Upper Body(Yao Shen Huang Hai)
Routine 12 Rinsing Mouth and Swallowing Saliva(Gu Shu Tun Jin)
Closing Position
Appendix: Acupuncture Points

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