Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine - Ori Wisdom
Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine - Ori Wisdom
Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine - Ori Wisdom

Pediatrics in Chinese Medicine


Part 1 Fundamentals of Pediatrics of Chinese Medicine
Chapter 1 Origin of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics
Section 1 A Brief History of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics in Ancient China
Section 2 Development of Chinese Medicine Pediatrics in Modern Time
Chapter 2 Physiological, Pathological and Etiological Characteristics
Section 1 Physiological Characteristics
Section 2 Pathological Characteristics
Section 3 Etiological Characteristics
Chapter 3 Growth, Development and Health Care
Section 1 Age Group Distribution
Section 2 Growth and Development
Section 3 Health Care for Children
Chapter 4 An Overview of Clinical Syndrome
Section 1 Diagnostic Methods
Section 2 Syndrome Differentiation
Section 3 Pediatric Therapeutics
Part 2 Clinical Pediatrics of Chinese Medicine
Chapter 5 Neonatal Diseases
Section 1 Neonatal Jaundice
Section 2 Umbilical Diseases
Chapter 6 Diseases of Lung
Section 1 Common Cold
Section 2 Cough (Ke SSu)
Section 3 Pneumonia
Section 4 Asthma
Section 5 Recurrent Respiratory Infections
Chapter 7 Diseases of Spleen
Section 1 Vomiting (Ou Tu)
Section 2 Diarrhea (Xie Xie)
Section 3 Constipation
Section 4 Abdominal Pain
Section 5 Anorexia
Section 6 Food Accumulation (Ji Zhi)
Section 7 Infantile Malnutrition (Gan Zheng)
Chapter 8 Diseases of Heart and Liver
Section 1 Night Crying
Section 2 Viral Myocarditis
Section 3 Hyperkinetic Syndrome of Children
Section 4 Tourette Syndrome (Multiple Tic Disease)
Section 5 Autism Spectrum Disorder
Section 6 Infantile Convulsions (Jing Feng)
Section 7 Epilepsy (Dian Xian)
Chapter 9 Diseases of Kidney
Section 1 Frequency of Urine (Niao Pin)
Section 2 Enuresis
Section 3 Edema
Section 4 Hematuria
Section 5 Five Retardations and Five Flaccidities (Wu Chi Wu Ruin)
Chapter 10 Infectious Diseases
Section 1 Measles (Ma Zhen)
Section 2 Rubella (Feng Zhen)
Section 3 Scarlet Fever
Section 4 Chickenpox (Shui Dou)
Section 5 Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease
Section 6 Epidemic Parotitis/Mumps
Section 7 Whooping Cough
Chapter 11 Diseases of Skin
Section 1 Impetigo
Section 2 Urticaria
Section 3 Diaper Rash
Section 4 Eczema
Section 5 Cradle Cap
Section 6 Contact Dermatitis
Chapter 12 Diseases of Five Sense Organs
Section 1 Thrush
Section 2 Aphtha
Section 3 Acute Tonsillitis (Ru E)
Section 4 Allergic Rhinitis
Section5 Conjunctivitis
Chapter 13 Other Diseases
Section 1 Fever
Section 2 Kawasaki Disease
Section 3 Infectious Mononucleosis
Section 4 Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
Section 5 Purpura
Section 6 Sexual Precocity
Section 7 Childhood Obesity
Section 8 Sweating Syndrome (Han Zheng)
Section 9 Vitamin D Deficiency Rickets
Appendix Formulas (Alphabetized)
Commonly Used Tuina Acupoints and Manipulations in Pediatrics
Common Manipulations
Common Acupoints
Examples of Several Common Syndromes
General Index

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