Nan Tai Ji Quan - Ori Wisdom

Nan Tai Ji Quan


The Basic Concepts
The Principles of the Nan Taiji Quan
Health Fitness Effects of the Nan Taiji Quan

Step by Step
Ready Position
Move the Fist Around Universe
Pine Tree Welcoming Guest
Cast Brick to Attract Jade
Routine One
Demount ith To Knives
White Ape Offering Fruits
Phoenix Opens Wings
Butterfly Flies Amidst Floers
Butterfly Dances
Wu Song Gets Rid of Handcuffs
Grabbing in Horse Stance
Arhat Punches Fist
Grinding Palms to Break Rope
Six Seals and Six Closes
Routine To
Zhang Fei Beating the Drum
Pull the Rein and Tether the Horse
Fisherman Sculls Boat
Stir the Grass to Scare the Snake
Pull Out the Beam and Change the Pillar
Autumn Wind Seeps Leaves
Pick from the Pocket
Guan Yu Pulls Back the Big Sord
Tin Dragons Visit Cave
Six Seals and Six Closes
Routine Three
Cao Cao Offers Sord
Dispel the Clouds to See the Sun
Lion Opens Mouth
Push the Boat Donstream
Erlang Carries a Mountain
Black Tiger Strikes at the Heart
Hungry Tiger Searches Food
Fireorks Soaring to the Sky
Woodcutter Ties Up Fireood
Six Seals and Six Closes
Routine Four
Crane Reveals Its Wings
Nezha Stirs Up the Sea
Jade Girl Works ith Shuttles
Crouching Dragon
Waving the Arms in Bigger Dipper
Boa Coils
Old Vine on Tree
Lift and Tie Up Robe
Tiger Tail Whip
Six Seals and Six Closes
Routine Five
Entering the Hall and Room
Spring Wind Blos on Face
Turning Things Upside Don
Open the Windo to Vie the Moon
Lock the Arm and Spring to Kick
Hooked Thunder Storm
Pull the Bo to Shoot Tiger
Foot Trickily Tramps at the Core
Iron Leg Whips Waist
Hidden Tiger Waiting to Attack Its Prey
Routine Six
Three Stars Run After the Moon
Waves Splash Against the Shore
Sing the Lotus in the Air
Pull the Onion from a Dry Land
Crouching Dragon Ascends to the Heaven
Golden Hook Upside Don
Whirl Wind Seeps the Moon
Reversed Phoenix and Cloud Elbo
Follo the Yang and Raise the Knee
Dragon Cries and Tiger Roars
Ending Position
The Vajra Guardian Protects the Dharma
Salutation to the Universe
Yin and Yang Balanced
Double Exercises
Basic Training
Hand Formation
Step Stance
Pressing Leg
Kicking Leg
Waist Exercise
Strength Training
Iron Cattle Tills Land
Taiji Ball Exercise
Wine Jar Exercise
Stone Lock Exercise
Stone Weight
Invention- A Better Way of
Inheritance and Development
An Introduction to Yi,Jin Jing
Family Pictures of the Author

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