Health Care at Home: A Family Massage Manual - Ori Wisdom

Health Care at Home: A Family Massage Manual


What is yin-yang?
What is qi?
What are meridians and collaterals?
What is"general acupoint massage"?
Why is it good?
Indications and Contraindications
Notes and Cautions
How long is one cun?

Questions and Answers
1.Why does this massage start from the foot?
2.If l want to treat a particular disease, what shall I do?
3.How frequently and how long am I supposed to do this massage?
4.Why are there "transient manipulations"?
5.Why in some steps am I supposed to tap randomly at a certain place?

Category 1: Manipulations That Promote the
Circulation of Qi and Blood
Category 2: Manipulations Smoothing the Meridians and Collaterals

Acupoints Used in This Massage
Massage Operation1:Massage for Two People
Massage Operation2:Self Massage


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