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Elegies of the South


Preface Qu YuanSorrow after DepartureThe Nine SongsThe Almighty Lord of the EastTo The God of CloudTo the Lord of River Xiang To the Lady of River Xiang The Great Lord of FateThe Young Goddess of Fate The God of the SunThe God of the River The Goddess of the MountainFor Those Fallen for the CountryThe Last SacrificeAsking HeavenThe Nine ElegiesI Make my PlaintCrossing the RiverLament for the Chu CapitalSad Thoughts OutpouredLonging for ChangshaThinking of the Fair OneThe Bygone Days RegrettedHymn to the Orange TreeGrieving at the Whirlwind The Far-off JourneyDivinationThe FishermanSong YuNine ApologiesQu YuanRequiemGreat Requiem

The Nine SongsThe Almighty Lord of the EastAuspicious hour, oh! of lucky day!With deep respect, oh! we worship our lord.His jade pendants, oh! chime on display;He holds the hilt, oh! of his long sword.Jade weights fasten, oh! his mat divineAdorned with gems, oh! and flowers sweet.We pour pepper sauce, oh! and laurel wineAnd serve in orchids, oh! the spiced meat.We raise the rod, oh! to beat the drum;The drumbeats rise, oh! into the cloud.①In slow rhythm, oh! we sing and hum;To pipes and flutes, oh! we chant aloud.In fair array, oh! our lord appears;His fragrance fills, oh! the ritual hall.Five sounds mingle, oh! and charm our ears;Our lord is glad, oh! and gladdens all.

To The God of CloudBathed in orchid’s, oh! sweet-scented dewsAnd dressed in robes, oh! of varied hues,With fleecy hair, oh! you slowly riseTo beautify, oh! the morning skies.In deathless hall, oh! you stay at noon;Your whiteness rivals, oh! sun and moon.The dragon is, oh! your charioteer;You waft and wander, oh! far and near.In silver drops, oh! you come with rain;On wings of wind, oh! you rise again.Upon the land, oh! you come with ease;You float over, oh! and beyond four seas.Longing for you, oh! I can’t but sigh;My yearning heart, oh! to you would fly.

  • Hardcover: 422 pages
  • Publisher: China Intercontinental Press (April 1, 2012)
  • Language: Chinese - English
  • Product Dimensions: 195mm×271mm