Qigong Resource List

Last time, we went through the concept of Qigong briefly. If you want to learn more about Qigong and its health benefits, then save this page for your reference. We've listed all the relevant resources of Qigong online. If you want to start learning Qigong right away, don't forget that we have a bunch of instructional books with DVD compiled by the Chinese Health Qigong Association for you. 

Academic studies:

1. A Comprehensive Review of Health Benefits of Qigong and Tai Chi

2. An Evidence-based Review of Qi Gong by the Natural Standard Research Collaboration

3. High-Tech Imaging Peers Into Qigong Healer's Brain

4. The Effects of Qigong on Anxiety, Depression, and Psychological Well-Being: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

5. Effects of Qigong on Depression: A Systemic Review

6. Tai Chi and Qigong for cancer-related symptoms and quality of life: a systematic review and meta-analysis

7. The Cardiorespiratory Response of Qigong Performed at Different Intensities

8. EGG Brain Activity in Dynamic Health Qigong Training: Same Effects for Mental Practice and Physical Training?

9. Acute Physiological and Psychological Effects of Qigong Exercise in Older Practitioners

10. Critical Review in Qigong & Immunity Cancer Research

*11. Overview Qigong Studies: Some studies concerning Qigong and healing

Taiji Forum has compiled some great studies that have been done on the subject of Qigong healing. 

12. Evidence Base of Clinical Studies on Qigong: A Bibliometric Analysis

13. Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Qigong

Research Gate has quite a few research papers on the health benefits of Qigong.


Blog posts:

1. The Power of Qigong to Create Balance and Prevent Disease, by Ken Cohen

2. Qigong, University of Minnesota

3. The Health Benefits of Tai Chi, Harvard Medical School

4. In Brief: Tai Chi Gives Immune System A Boost, Harvard Medical School

5. What is Qigong and what can it do for me? Maryland University

6. What is Qigong? 

7. 37 Qigong Benefits for your Mental and Physical Health

8. What are the Health Benefits of Qigong?

9. Slow down and live long with the ancient practice of Qigong, CNN

10. Qigong Benefits

11. Qigong Benefits That Bring Fulfillment to Your Life

12. 5 Healing Benefits of Qigong

13. Qigong and 8 Qigong Benefits

14. Types of Qigong

15. Qigong for MS: A New Way to Move and Relax

16. Demystifying Qigong Through the Scientific Method



1. University of California at Irvine Tai Chi and Qigong Research Director on Evidence-Based Tai Chi & Qigong Therapy.

2. Harvard researcher and best-selling author of "The Relaxation Response"

Dr. Herbert Benson, explains how Mind-Body practices like Tai Chi and Qigong more effectively treat 60 to 90% of health issues than drug or surgical therapies.

3. Taiji/yinyang philosophy: Chungliang Al Huang at TEDxHendrixCollege

This is a very interesting video on the concept of Taiji and Yin-yang.


Hope you like our resource list. If you want to purchase particular books or products on the subject, please let us know and we'll do our best to satisfy your need! :)

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