Chinese Yi Jin Jing Teaches You How to Stretch Your Body (GIFs)

Yi Jin Jing is a very famous Chinese health Qigong. It is originated from Shaolin martial arts and became well-known since the end of the Sui Dynasty. Not only do Chinese people regard martial arts as a means of strengthening their bodies and self-defense, they also regard martial arts as a way to temper their minds and will. 

Qigong is a traditional Chinese method of healthcare and disease healing. It uses breathing adjustment, physical activity adjustment and consciousness adjustment (breath adjustment, body adjustment and heart adjustment) as a means to strengthen the body, prevent and cure disease, exercise and develop potential. 

Yi Jin Jing is one of the secrets of Shaolin martial arts. It helps eliminate physical and mental obstacles, remove garbage from the body and practice Zen in the classics. 

Here are the basic steps from Yi Jin Jing. You can learn how to stretch your body by following the steps below.

Step 1:

Chinese qigong

Step 2:

Chinese qigong

Step 3:

Chinese qigong

Step 4:

Chinese qigong

Step 5:

Chinese qigong

Step 6:

chinese qigong

Step 7:

chinese martial arts

Step 8:

chinese martial arts

Step 9:

chinese martial arts

Step 10:

Chinese Shaolin qigong

Step 11:

Shaolin qigong

Step 12:

Shaolin qigong practice

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