7 Intriguing Health Benefits of Qigong

Most people know about Tai Chi or Taiji. It's a very popular Chinese exercise that has many health benefits. Actually, Tai Chi is a much younger form of Qigong practice. In other words, you can see Tai Chi as a kind of Qigong combined with some martial arts techniques. Qigong was developed by ancient Chinese along the Yellow River over 4000 years ago. It is seen as a healing practice most of the time. Nowadays, some people call practices like Tai Chi as Martial Qigong and other traditional Qigong styles as Medical Qigong. When it comes to healing, one can heal oneself by practicing Qigong on a daily basis (internal healing), or one can ask a Qigong master to emit Qi into one's body and heal (external healing). 

Before we talk about the health benefits of Qigong, let's quickly go through some basic concepts. First of all, what is Qi (气)? In Chinese medicine, it's understood as vital energy or life force that flows around your body 24/7 nonstop. Our body is an energy system. If you know the concept of meridians in acupuncture, you will immediately get this idea. In short, Qi is the most important thing in our body, you cannot see it with your eyes, but once it is stuck in your body, you'll feel the pain or uneasiness right away. Thus, in order to keep healthy, you need to let Qi flow in your body smoothly and make it stronger. Gong simply means hard work overtime. Most Qigong styles only require a 20-minute routine every day. It's very easy to learn and follow, everybody can learn no matter what your health condition is. 

There are mainly three components of Qigong practice: breath control, body movements and mind meditation. Certain movements or postures are designed to encourage the Qi to flow to certain areas of your body and keep your body in balance. 

Many scientific researches have been conducted on Qigong. Some of you may know that in the 1980s in China, there were quite a few famous Qigong masters in China. They didn't only heal people, some also developed ESP abilities. Those of you who are interested in this piece of history can read a book called China's Super Psychics by Paul Dong. Today, we mainly focus on modern scientific results on Qigong that are proven to be true. 

1. Qigong helps to relieve pain and illness

2. Enhance the immune system

3. Improve mental health and ease emotional frustration

4. Improved strength and stamina

5. Better balance and less risk of falls

6. Improve respiratory, circulatory, and digestive functions

7. Reduce high blood pressure, increase bone density, and more.

The studies have found that slow gentle movements of Qigong can warm up the body and promote the circulation of body fluid. By adopting abdominal breathing, the body can absorb more oxygen. Mind focus is also an important part of Qigong practice. Many even refer to Qigong as "meditation in motion". To further understand why Qigong can heal, one can refer to some traditional Chinese medicine theory. Some books in Taoism also have some explanation, especially when it comes to the concepts of Nei Dan and Wai Dan. Or you can also refer to some books in the field of energy healing. 

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We hope that more people can practice Qigong and maintain healthy. :)

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