7 Benefits of Tai Chi Stick Practice

What is Tai Chi/Taiji stick?

Tai Chi stick is a kind of Tai Chi equipment. It's based on Tai Chi culture and follows the laws of Tai Chi movement such as Yin and Yang, rigidity and softness, advance and retreat, combined with traditional martial arts stick technique. 


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tai chi stick

Benefits of Tai Chi Stick practice:

1. Rotating the body from the waist helps stimulate Dai meridian channel, which is responsible for thorough circulation in the meridians, and is good for the smooth flow of qi throughout the body.

2. Rowing movements promote digestion and intestinal health.

3. Ankle movements stimulate Foot-Sanyin meridian and Foot-Sanyang meridian, and also regulate the functions of the liver, gall bladder and urine bladder.

4. Shoulder rotation helps prevent and cure shoulder arthritis and lessen shoulder pain.

5. Bending the body helps stimulate the gall bladder meridian, Chong meridian channel and Ren and Du meridian channels, regulates your liver and gall bladder, suppresses liver yang hyperactivity, and promotes unblocked circulation of blood and Qi.

6. Turning your waist, straightening your legs can stimulate Ren and Du meridian channels, Dai meridian channel, and Feet-Sanyin and Feet-Sanyang meridians, promote circulation of blood and Qi, invigorate your kidneys and strengthen yang. Turning waist and straightening legs helps increase flexibility of your lumbar vertebrae and hip joint and stretch the muscle groups of the waist and legs thereby improving their flexibility and agility.

7. Guiding the movements with your stick will calm your mind, relax your body and keep your mind concentrated. coordination of breathing and movements helps you to get rid of stale qi and take in fresh air.

If you want to learn more about Tai Chi stick practice, you can check out this video on YouTube or grab a book from our store! 

🔗 Video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=euoAF7k93-o&feature=emb_logo

tai chi stick


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