Secret Qigong Practice Helps Fight Coronavirus

The breakout of coronavirus has kept a lot of people from participating in outdoor exercises. But you know what, you can learn to practice this ancient Chinese Qigong called Ba Duan Jin (aka Eight Pieces of Brocade or Eight-Section Brocade) at home to boost your immune system and stay healthy. Actually, this is exactly what the nurses taught the coronavirus patients in Chinese mobile cabin hospitals in February. 

qigong fights coronavirus

Ba Duan Jin is one of the most popular Qigong exercises in China originating from the Song Dynasty. It has been practiced for centuries and proven to be effective in boosting our immune system. Medical experts in China have been promoting this exercise enthusiastically during the pandemic. And it is widely practiced in hospitals nationwide to fight against the coronavirus. 

qigong against coronovirus

Practice Ba Duan Jin doesn't only promote physical health conditions, it also helps to soothe one's emotions and reduce anxiety. "

"The exercise, allowing patients to move their joints and muscles, can reduce stress, improve body metabolism, strengthen cardiopulmonary function, and promote blood circulation, as well as improve the physiological functions of the human body. It has received wide praise among patients. " (Source link)

Ba Duan Jin is very easy to learn and doesn't require a lot of time and space. It has eight sections or steps and combines breathing, mental focus and physical movements all together to improve the body and mind. Each section focuses on a different physical area and Qi meridian. It is also seen as a complementary to Tai Chi practice. 

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Hope everyone stays healthy. Let's stay together and fight against the pandemic!


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