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Fundamental TCM English - Reading and Translation

Precio habitual
Precio de oferta

Unit 1 An Introduction to TCM
Text A Formation and Development of Chinese Medical Theory
Text B Traditional Chinese Medicine: An Introduction
Unit 2 Yin Yang
Text A Application of the Four Principles of Yin-yang to Medicine
Text B Yin and Yang: A Brief Introduction
Unit 3 The Five Elements
Text A Use of the Five Elements in Medicine
Text B The Five Elements and the System of Numbers
Unit 4 Qi, Blood and Body Fluids
Text A Qi
Text B How Do the Vital Substances and the Organs Interact
Unit 5 Zang-fu Theory
Text A Zang Organs
Text B The Vital Organs: Zang-fu theory
Unit 6 Channels and Vessels
Text A The Twelve Primary Channels
Text B The Functions of the Channels
Unit 7 Four Examinations and Eight Principles
Text A Four Examinations
Text B The Eight Principles in Tongue Diagnosis
Unit 8 Causes of Disease
Text A Causes of Disease in Chinese Medicine
Text B Etiology of Headache
Unit 9 Pathogenesis
Text A The Laws of Pathogenesis
Text B Cardiovascular-Disease Mechanisms
Unit IO Principles of Treatment and Life Cultivation
Text A Principles and Methods of Treatment
Text B Basic Recommendations of Chinese Dietetics
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