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Book of Poetry

Precio habitual
Precio de oferta

目 录
卷 一

Book of Songs
国 风
Songs Collected South of the Capital, Modern Shaanxi and Henan
周 南
Cooing and Wooing
关 雎
Home-going of the Bride
葛 覃
Mutual Longing
卷 耳
Married Happiness
樛 木
Blessed with Children
螽 斯
The Newly-wed
桃 夭
The Rabbit Catcher
兔 罝
Plantain Gathering
芣 苢
A Woodcutter’s Love
汉 广
A Wife Waiting
汝 坟
The Good Unicorn
Songs Collected South of Shao, Modern Henan
召 南
The Magpie’s Nest
鹊 巢
The Sacrifice
采 蘩
The Grasshoppers
草 虫
Sacrifice before Wedding

The Duke of Shao
甘 棠
I Accuse
行 露
Officials in Lamb Furs
羔 羊
Why Not Return?
An Old Maid
The Starlets
小 星
A Merchant’s Wife
A Deer Killer and a Jadelike Maiden
The Princess’ wedding
A Hunter
驺 虞

  • Hardcover: 762 pages
  • Publisher: China Intercontinental Press (January 1, 2012)
  • Language: Chinese - English
  • Product Dimensions: 195mm×271mm