Qigong Exercise to Treat Myopia

This exercise is developed by Chinese researchers through scientific theories and clinical experience. It includes 8 steps. We suggest you do it on a regular basis. 

1. Preparation posture. Separate the feet to shoulder width. Drop arms naturally. Look forward with both eyes. 

qigong exercise

2. Rotating the eyes. Rotate the eyes up, down, left, right and across clockwise and counterclockwise directions.

3. Tiger-like glare. Close the eyes and rest for 20 seconds then open the eyes widely and stare forward for about 10 seconds. 

qigong eye exercise

4. Developing Qi with eyes closed. Slowly close the eyes after step 4. Stand still.

5. Directing Qi by opening and closing hands. Place the hands in front of the chest with palms facing each other. Slowly pull apart the palms and then slowly push them back. Repeat 16-32 times. 

qigong eye exercise

6. Pushing near and pulling far. Turn the palms facing upward. Slowly move them in front of the eyes. Slowly put the hands away with palms facing the eyes then slowly push the palms toward the eyes. Repeat 16-32 times (2x8 or 4x8 beats).

7. Massaging eye areas. Place the hand about 2 inches away, then move the hand around the eyeballs clockwise 8 times. Then turn hand counterclockwise 8 times. 

eye qigong exercise 

8. Directing Qi back to vitality. move two hands down slowly from both sides of the nose. When the hands move to the front of the chest, turn the palms downward. Continue to move the hands down toward the Dantian acupoint, then move them to the sides of the body. Repeat 3 times. Return to preparation posture. 

Hope this helps! We have a bunch of instructional books on traditional Chinese Qigong exercise in different languages. Check them out today: